Each month, we offer a specific prayer focus, working under the belief that communal prayer is a powerful and world-changing exercise. Please join us.

January Prayer Focus.png

We celebrate Mother’s Day in May. Women around the world struggle to provide for their children, because of poverty, illness, and war. Because we believe that God is still speaking, please spend time during May praying for those who struggle to provide for their families. You may use one of your own or use a prayer such as this one:

Creator God, as a mother hen gathers her chicks, so you gather us under your wing. We thank you for the gifts that you have given us. Help us to remember those that are less fortunate than ourselves. We ask for safety, clean water, medicine, and food for those who don’t have enough. Help us to see need where it exists and move to assist where we can. Help us never to judge another, for she may be doing the best that she can. Comfort mothers around the world who grieve. Help us to forgive our own mothers where forgiveness is needed. As you provide a mother’s love to us, help us to share and spread that love to others. Amen.